Book Review: Visions Hell Bent Book I

I picked up this book as it was available for free in amazon. The whole series was. Due to the Corona and social isolation, I’m having a lot of time on my hands right now and so I decided to catch up on my reading, and this book didn’t disappoint.

This was a thrilling book and I loved the illustrations as well. Kayla Matt is definitely a most talented artist as well as writer. I loved Travis’ hair particularly in the drawings. The characters of Travis and Spencer are both likeable and relatable. They are both so real. The fictional world they live in is so different and also similar in some respects to ours. The plot is so thrilling that at times I just wanted to turn the page to know what happens next. The narration is full of humour and is compelling.

I know I shall be picking up the next book now. I need to know more about Travis and his adventures and I shall definitely be recommending this to everyone.

Kindle edition is available here

Paperbacks can be bought here

Go and pick up this book. You will be hooked to the series.

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