Review of Teeth in the Tide by Rebecca F Kenney

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I know Rebecca F Kenney as a talented cover artist whose premade covers I often find hard to resist, so, when I saw that she had a new book to be released, I had no hesitation in pre-ordering it.

This book can be described as a genderbent Little Mermaid with a twist. A giant twist. The merman who seeks escape from his watery home is Rake, a breeder in the Mermaid Kingdom where males are either food or breeders. Rake is often abused by the three queens, and longs for escape from the cruel underwater world which is no more than a prison. When the queens let him raise Jewel, one of his spawns, Rake decides that he cannot be a passive spectator in his life anymore, if only for the sake of his son. He has often visited a monster in the deep he calls the Horror, and for…

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Back after a hiatus

It has been a while since I posted anything here. Fact is, real life has been really hectic, and in spite of my best intentions, I have not been able to post anything here.

Of course, this does not mean I’ve been idle. I’ve been taking on editing projects and also been working on some of my own original works. Hopefully, within a couple of years, I’ll be in a position to do this full time.

I’ve also been reading some books. Re-reading rather. I didn’t want to start anything new at the moment, because I don’t have sleep to spare.

You know what I’ve realised? Real life will always be hectic. Jobs will always be stressful. But I cannot let that come in the way of doing the things I enjoy, like connecting with all of you lovely people.

So, I’ll be posting something on a regular basis here. Don’t forget to send a request if you need something edited!

See you soon!!

Pages of Surprises: The Joy and Despair of Being a Pantser


Uh, pantser?

Simply, it refers to writers who write by the seat of their pants. Those who make it up as they go along. Sometimes they have a general idea where the plot is going, and where it is supposed to go, but mostly, they’re also waiting to find out as they write.

Really? Writers do that?

Yes, they do. You’d be surprised at how many pantsers there are. There’s something so incredibly joyful about just letting go and let your words take you in directions you didn’t even know existed.

Is it bad?

I wouldn’t know. I’ve never done anything else. I tried plotting once, but when I put pen to paper, the whole plot fell apart, and I was writing something that had nothing to do with the outline I made.

So, why am I a pantser?

Again, I’ve absolutely no idea. I mean, I’m a person who…

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