I’m Marty, the author, and creator of Anadaria Fantasy World. As an independent author, who was looking to self-publish, I must have checked my script twenty times and each time I found another mistake. I needed to get it edited and proofread. I hunted around for services but couldn’t find anything that came even close to my budget. Then, in a writers circle, I came across a lovely lady who was the creator of ‘Fair Copy’, a recently established editing service. For a fraction of the cost, ‘Fair Copy’ edited and proofread my first book ‘The Search for Ameliana’, and at last, I had a script worthy to go to print. A few weeks later, I published my book to Amazon Kindle as an ebook and paperback. I have several more books planned and I will be using ‘Fair Copy’ for all of them. I would without hesitation recommend ‘Fair Copy’ to anyone looking to self-publish their book. They’re affordable, efficient and friendly.

Marty Noye, Anadaria Fantasy World, facebook.com/cober101

I cannot say enough about the help that Geetha gave me. She worked tirelessly to assist me in reviewing and editing my book. Beyond that, she taught me more about writing than I ever learned in school. She not only took the time to help me improve my book, but took the time to help me understand her suggestions. She sacrificed job security to ensure that I was taken care of to the highest degree. I cannot thank her enough for the help she gave me bringing my book to life. She made me a better writer and I will absolutely be returning to her for future services. The only thing that made it better was that her services were affordable. She could charge several times more for the quality of services she provided, yet she doesn’t. She wants to help blossoming authors realize their dreams without scaring them away with bloated costs. Without her dedication to the craft, I never would have been able to make this dream a reality.

Ryan Rodriguez, author of The Jericho

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